Rename Visual Studio Window Title extension

Rename Visual Studio Window Title extension

This lightweight extension will change the window title of Visual Studio to include a folder tree with a configurable min depth and max depth distance from the solution/project file, or using special tags.


Restoring SQL Server Database simple summary steps

I always tend to forget the order of this. A short summary for restoring a Sql server  .bak file:

1. Restore database. (Run Sql Server Manager as admin, make sure you window user have access rights to appropiate folders etc).

2. Delete the accompanied database user that is on the “database”. (user should be on database server scope not on the database)

3. If there isn’t already a user on the database server user level, create one, and set the user mapping for user -> database owner of -> newly restored db.

How to: View and Edit Code by Using Peek Definition (Alt+F12)

How to: View and Edit Code by Using Peek Definition (Alt+F12)

Visual Studio 2013

You can use the Peek Definition command to view and edit code without switching away from the code that you’re writing. Peek Definition and Go To Definition show the same information, but Peek Definition shows it in a pop-up window, and Go To Definition shows the code in a separate code window. Go To Definition causes your context (that is, the active code window, current line, and cursor position) to switch to the definition code window. By using Peek Definition, you can view and edit the definition and move around inside the definition file while keeping your place in the original code file.

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Show all tables where table name contains ‘log’

Show table columns with a specified name:

sql – I want to show all tables that have specified column name – Stack Overflow.

An Overview of Project Katana : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site

The ASP.NET Framework has been around for over ten years, and the platform has enabled the development of countless Web sites and services. As Web application development strategies have evolved, the framework has been able to evolve in step with technologies like ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API. As Web application development takes its next evolutionary step into the world of cloud computing, project Katana provides the underlying set of components to ASP.NET applications, enabling them to be flexible, portable, lightweight, and provide better performance – put another way, project Katana cloud optimizes your ASP.NET applications.

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