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Visual Studio IntelliCode brings you the next generation of developer productivity by providing AI-assisted development. Every keystroke and every review is informed by best practices and tailored to your code context. You can try it out today by downloading the experimental extension for Visual Studio 2017 that provides AI-powered IntelliSense.

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Using ReSharper? See this post:

Anyone else using VS Intellicode? I turned off ReSharper, earlier int he week, and havn’t missed. it from dotnet


Visual Studio Live Share | Visual Studio

Visual Studio Live Share

Real-time collaborative development

Collaboration across your entire development workflow Live editing Author and edit code together in real time Independent exploration Navigate across files on your own without interrupting others Follow along Pin to a user to follow their cursor as they navigate Group debugging Set breakpoints and step through code together Shared servers View web apps and databases without exposing ports to the Internet Shared terminal Run commands and tasks, with output streamed to team members

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Developing Console-based UI in C#

Terminal.Gui is a library intended to create console-based applications using C#. The framework has been designed to make it easy to write applications that will work on monochrome terminals, as well as modern color terminals with mouse support. This library works across Windows, Linux and MacOS.