Nuget package handling – Using package.config instead of new PackageReference in csproj Visual Studio 2017

In Visual Studio 2017 and with .NET Core projects a new way of referencing nuget packages was introduced. Somehow during a .NET project upgrade one of the nuget packages were converted into a PackageReference (referenced in the csproj file and not from package.config). Below are the steps to convert such package reference back into plain old package.config behaviour:

In addition to removing the PackageReferences from the project file, I also had to remove the following files from the $ProjectDir\obj directory: Myproject.csproj.nuget.cache Myproject.csproj.nuget.g.props Myproject.csproj.nuget.g.targets project.assets.json

Source: How can I revert to referencing Nuget packages in packages.config after using Package References in a .NET Standard project? – Stack Overflow

Introducing Visual Studio IntelliCode | The Visual Studio Blog

Visual Studio IntelliCode brings you the next generation of developer productivity by providing AI-assisted development. Every keystroke and every review is informed by best practices and tailored to your code context. You can try it out today by downloading the experimental extension for Visual Studio 2017 that provides AI-powered IntelliSense.

Source: Introducing Visual Studio IntelliCode | The Visual Studio Blog

Using ReSharper? See this post:

Anyone else using VS Intellicode? I turned off ReSharper, earlier int he week, and havn’t missed. it from dotnet


Visual Studio Live Share | Visual Studio

Visual Studio Live Share

Real-time collaborative development

Collaboration across your entire development workflow Live editing Author and edit code together in real time Independent exploration Navigate across files on your own without interrupting others Follow along Pin to a user to follow their cursor as they navigate Group debugging Set breakpoints and step through code together Shared servers View web apps and databases without exposing ports to the Internet Shared terminal Run commands and tasks, with output streamed to team members

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Simple WCF Test Client

A simple WCF test client is included in Visual Studio.
It resides here for my Visual Studio 2017 installation:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Professional\Common7\IDE\WcfTestClient.exe

How do I wrap a selection with an HTML tag in Visual Studio? – Stack Overflow

A very usable keyboard shortcut when working with html in Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2015 comes with a new shortcut, Shift+Alt+W wraps the current selection with a div. This shortcut leaves the text “div” selected, making it seamlessly changeable to any desired tag. This coupled with the automatic end tag replacement makes for a quick solution. UPDATE This shortcut is available in Visual Studio 2017 as well, but you must have the “ASP.NET and Web Development” workload installed. Example Shift+Alt+W > p > Enter

Source: How do I wrap a selection with an HTML tag in Visual Studio? – Stack Overflow

Rollback a changeset in TFS / Visual Studio – Stack Overflow

In TFS / Visual Studio 2012, you have a few options.

Rollback to a specific version

In Source Control Explorer:

  • Right Click the branch you wish to roll back
  • Click Rollback…
  • Choose Rollback to a specific version
  • Enter the changeset number you wish to roll back to.

Rollback a single changeset (you can do this through the dialog loaded above too)

  • Right click the changeset you wish to rollback
  • Choose Rollback entire changset

Checkin the rollback.


Source: visual studio – Rollback a changeset in tfs – Stack Overflow