My VS Code Extensions for web and angular development

These are the VS Code extensions I use currently for web and angular development:

Auto close tag
Auto complete tag
Auto rename tag
Debugger for Chrome
Expand selection to scope
Highlight matching tag
Html Boilerplate
Html css support
Html snippets
Intellisense for css class names
Live sass compiler
Live server
Visual Studio Keymap

Search and install trough VS Code Extensions tab or search here:


Some keyboard shortcuts for VS Code

Ctrl+ö (show terminal window) (this is for swedish keyboard…)

Ctrl+P – Quick open – Quickly sort through and find all physical files in your project and open them.

List of members for current file (I use this for Typescript files):
workbench.action.gotoSymbol command. On Windows and Linux it’s set to CTRL+Shift+O by default.

Since I am used to Visual Studio I installed this extension to map a lot of keyboard shortcuts in the same way: Visual Studio Keymap 

If you are used to Resharper in Visual Studio here is an excellent post about it:

More bindings for those coming from other environments: