Some keyboard shortcuts for VS Code

Ctrl+ö (show terminal window) (this is for swedish keyboard…)

Ctrl+P – Quick open – Quickly sort through and find all physical files in your project and open them.

List of members for current file (I use this for Typescript files):
workbench.action.gotoSymbol command. On Windows and Linux it’s set to CTRL+Shift+O by default.

Since I am used to Visual Studio I installed this extension to map a lot of keyboard shortcuts in the same way: Visual Studio Keymap 

If you are used to Resharper in Visual Studio here is an excellent post about it:

More bindings for those coming from other environments:


Visual Studio Extension – Live Sass Compiler

Really simple and useful when working with sass files in Visual Studio Code.
Install from link below.
Click “Watch sass” in lower right corner of Visual Studio Code.
Edit an scss file and save. -> compiles to css file in the same directory. Also works with live browser reload. See output window / extensions / Live Sass Compile for process info.

Source: Live Sass Compiler – Visual Studio Marketplace