How to easily extend your app using MediatR notifications

Probably the biggest question you face as a developer every single day is “where to put your code”? Should you use repositories or query classes? Should you have one class or two to represent your domain object? Should you write a new class or extend an existing one?
In short what constitutes a single responsibility and how separate should your concerns actually be?
MediatR Notifications can help with some of these thorny issues.

The Onion Architecture : part 1 : Jeffrey Palermo (.com)

I’ve spoken several times about a specific type of architecture I call “Onion Architecture”. I’ve found that it leads to more maintainable applications since it emphasizes separation of concerns throughout the system. I must set the context for the use of this architecture before proceeding. This architecture is not appropriate for small websites. It is appropriate for long-lived business applications as well as applications with complex behavior. It emphasizes the use of interfaces for behavior contracts, and it forces the externalization of infrastructure.

How To: Use CLR Memory Profiler | Microsoft Docs

Summary: This How To shows you how to use the CLR Profiler tool to investigate your application’s memory allocation profile. You can use CLR Profiler to identify code that causes memory problems, such as memory leaks and excessive or inefficient garbage collection.

Myjson – API

Myjson is a simple JSON store for use in your client side web and/or mobile applications.
If you’ve ever needed a quick place to store a configuration file or some data for your client side models, Myjson can be of service to you. Simply copy and paste your JSON data into the main input window, then access your data through the provided URI. Check out the API version for more features.
Myjson URIs support cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) so accessing your data client side won’t give you any cross domain issues.

Developing Console-based UI in C#

Terminal.Gui is a library intended to create console-based applications using C#. The framework has been designed to make it easy to write applications that will work on monochrome terminals, as well as modern color terminals with mouse support. This library works across Windows, Linux and MacOS.