Using jQuery to prevent Internet Explorer from accidentally submitting form on enter key

$(function () {
    //page is ready
		//Prevents users from accidentally submitting form with enter key (e.g. IE problem) 
	    $(document).on("keyup keypress", "form input[type='text']", function (e) {
	        if (e.keyCode === 13 /*enterkey*/ || event.keyCode === 169 /*enter on numpad*/) {
	            return false;

Works in ajax templated context as well.

IIS Add to Hosts File Extension

Here’s a simple module to solve a recurrent and an annoying everyday task in IIS management: creating an entry in the Windows TCP/IP Hosts file for every demo and test web site.

This module extends the IIS Manager UI in order to add an entry on request in the Hosts file located in%SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts when a web site is created or its bindings are edited.”


IIS Hosts File Manager – Home.

Newer working link: