How to update a wsdl definition in Visual Studio Website project

Put new wsdl file in website root ~/Services

Goto “project” -> Service References folder ->
Select the particular web service -> right click and choose
“Update service reference”

Visual Studio builds new references against this definition and
updates some files inside the service folder *.svcinfo, Reference.cs, Reference.svcmap, app.config in the project base folder.

Rebuild solution.

Twenty C# Questions Explained

​Are you a developer with coding questions? Many new and experienced developers visit to find solutions and to help others resolve their computing questions and issues. This training session focuses on 20 of the top questions surrounding the C# language, based on number of views and votes on stackoverflow. Watch this session, and get your questions answered.

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Picking Up Queue Messages: Strategy and Tactics — Visual Studio Magazine

Picking Up Queue Messages: Strategy and Tactics

If you’re using MSMQ to offload work from your Web site, you have a number of ways to pick up those messages, including processing those messages as soon as they turn up.

By Peter Vogel02/26/2014

MSMQ provides a way of offloading work from your application to be processed at a later date or on another computer. In an earlier column, I showed how to write messages to a Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) for later processing. In this column, I’ll show the code for reading your messages from the queue and, more important, give you some options on where to put that code.

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