Unpublish a page in EPiServer CMS 7+

Set content to expired:
– Toogle forms editing.
– Select “Tools menu” -> “Manage Expiration and Archiving”
– Expire date -> click “Now” link.
– Click save – content is now unpublished and not visible for visitors.
(Page status changes in top right corner changes to “Expired”).

Unpublished content = expired.
In the page tree view this red clock icon appears next to the Page:
Image 20160425 104325 001 Indicates that content has expired.

Video: Unpublish a page

Creating simple Dynamic Content in EPiServer CMS 6 R2

What is dynamic content in EPiServer?

Dynamic content is essentially custom pieces of content that an EPiServer editor can insert through the TinyMCE editor. Together with the option of specifyingdynamic content settings (ie properties for the dynamic content being inserted) we can create an easy way for editors to include virtually any type of content.

Ted & Gustaf:
Creating simple Dynamic Content in EPiServer CMS 6 R2 – Ted & Gustaf

EPiServer offical doc:

Create a visual TinyMCE Plugin – SoftResource

This post will guide you how to extend the TinyMCE editor EPiServer with a custom button and dialog.

Create a visual TinyMCE Plugin – SoftResource.

EPiServer offical doc:

Dynamic content in xhtml editor (another type of solution)

EPiServer CMS 6 and 7 XML documentation files – Visual Studio Intellisense

EPiServer CMS 6 and 7 XML documentation files – Visual Studio Intellisense:
EPiServer CMS 6 XML documentation files.
PS. the xml files should be placed in the folder where you referenced dlls are to work!

EPiServer 7 XML files should be included in nuget package:


Episerver Translate Language xml text 4 different approaches

This is mainly a EPiServer 6 / Webforms approach.

If no pagebase object is readable:

EPiServer.PageBase method xml/xslt path to value:

Through asp.net get resource $ dot notated path to xml value

Only valid inside server tags e.g:

Web control episerver native (xml path to value):