CSS overflow-wrap — Control wrapping of text overflow or wrapping

This css works in most common browsers (including IE)

Internet Explorer has its own implementation for “overflow-wrap” -> “word-wrap”.

A readymade sass mixin:

Source: CSS overflow-wrap — Control wrapping of text overflow or wrapping – CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

Bootstrap 4 truncate-text responsive classes SASS helper

I needed to truncate text in certain device sizes in a Bootstrap 4 enabled site.

Bootstrap comes with the text-truncate css class that will truncate text in elements that are in displayed as block or inline-block.

There is no support for targeting the different viewports out the box.
Here is solution for this;


We want the text of this element to truncate (Shorten the text if it doesnt fit and  adds … to the end of the text) on smaller devices:


Include this scss file to your site:


Solution for responsive images covering entire container and keeping aspect ratio

This solution is probably already out there somewhere on the interwebs, but I write it down for now.

I’ve been working with a Bootstrap 4 based website a lot lately.
Today I got the requirement to make an background image adjust to the height of its sibling column but at the same cover the entire background of its container.

I want the entire container box to be covered by the background image and still keeping its aspect ratio in various screen sizes, it’s ok with clipping and stretching (if image is to small). Here is a solution: